Launch of Red One™ platform for instantaneous detection of microorganisms in waters and pharmaceutical products

(Illkirch, December 14th, 2020) – Redberry has announced the commercial launch of
Red One™, a fully automated rapid microbial detection platform for in-process control and industrial products release.

Red One™ on the field of water testing with Eau de Paris

(Illkirch, November 2020) - As part of their annual Open innovation challenge, Eau de Paris selected Red One™ to perform rapid microbial detection for water monitoring.
Eau de Paris is in charge of water production and distribution for all Paris city (500 000 cubic meters delivered per day to 3 million persons). Strongly recognized for their expertise in microbiology, the team of Eau de Paris will use  Red One™ to monitor in real-time the total microbial load in their water.

Red One™ first step of collaboration with Sanofi-Pasteur completed

(Illkirch, November 2020) – Sanofi-Pasteur released the first results of the ongoing collaboration with Redberry regarding monitoring of microbial contaminations for pharmaceutical applications.
The published poster (more publications coming in 2021) confirms the low Limit of Detection (LOD) of Red One (for TTR in 10 minutes) and also presents results on reference strains, assessing both recovery vs. culture-based method and repeatability.

"Janus de la Santé 2019" Award

(Illkirch, November 2019) - Red One, our first product for rapid microbiological detections, has been granted the French Design Award for Healthcare ("JANUS de la Santé 2019")  by the Institut Français du Design.

This award is shared with Tamim Daoudi, who designed Red One with us.

It is a genuine recognition of the value delivered to the user : microbiological controls become easy, reliable, precise and results are delivered within minutes.

Red One™ performances will be presented at PharmaLab 2019

(Mutzig, October 2019) - Joseph Pierquin, CTO of Redberry, will give a talk at the PharmaLab congress held in Dusseldorf (Germany). Presentation is entitled “New Generation of Solid Phase Cytometry for Rapid Detection of Microbiological Contaminants in Water Samples”.

It will be part of the “Microbiological Real Time Counting and Testing” session on November, 13th 2019.Other presentations on this session will be made by Roche, Novartis, Mibelle, Pfizer, CSL Behring, MSD and by Dr Michael J.Miller (

Redberry - Laureate of i-Lab 2019 French innovation contest

(Mutzig, July 2019) Redberry team is proud to be laureate of the 2019 i-Lab national innovation contest organized by the French ministry for Innovation, Education and Research.
Selection of laureates (among more than 700 applicants) is based on technical and business assessment criterias : potential for disruption,  scientific value (proof of concept mandatory), business plan, team and company strategy.

This award comes along with public funding and brings significant recognition to our plan to deliver microbiological rapid testing solutions with unprecedented ease-of-use and performances.

Redberry - Laureate of i-Lab 2019 French innovation contest

Ending 2018 with momentum - Preparing for Forum Labo 2019

Mutzig (January 2019) - In December 2018, Redberry received the 1st prize in “Start Up” category at the Grand Est Innovation Contest.  This award confirms the strong support from Grand Est Region to our project.

At the end of the business program HEC Challenge +, Redberry was recognised as the most promising business plan among the promotion.

After the Yago award in November, we keep the momentum to move ahead with our innovative, business and entrepreneurial approach.

We now have a clear objective for early 2019 : Redberry will present its technology, and its product for the first time, at Forum Labo in Paris (26-28 March) and has been selected to join the Lab’Start-up Village

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