Total Viable Count (TVC) Assay

Matrices: waters and filterables samples testing (buffers, liquid culture media...)

Results: quantitative (counting of viable active* single cells, LOD <10 cells/mL)

Time-To-Results: 10 min

Tested volume : from 100 µL to 100 mL

Red One™, a fully automated rapid microbial detection

Result in 10 minutes

Red One™ counts fluorescence-stained microbial cells.
Results are delivered within 10 minutes once the sample has been dropped on the cap.
The evolution of fluorescence over time (“staining kinetics”) is analyzed automatically by an algorithm, allowing to differentiate viable cells from inert particles.

Red One™ detects viable active* microorganisms (including bacteria, yeasts and molds) but also eukaryotic cells.

Red One™ can count samples with concentrations in the range
of 10 to 5 10e5 microorganisms per cap (linear range).

Data (coutings, picture...) can be exported in an analysis report.

Unprecedented sensitivity

Conventional limits of detection of rapid methods such as Flow Cytometry or ATP-Metry are 10e3 to 10e4/mL for bacteria typically.
Red One™ proved its ability to be strongly correlated with the cultural methods in the range of 10 to 100 CFU per cap, while providing accurate results up to 5 10e5 cells/mL.

Red One™ offers unprecedented ease-of-use.
All steps required to perform analysis are automated within the equipment including fitration and staining steps. No manual handling of the sample is required.
Drop the sample on the cap, close the drawer and it's done.

One-Step Workflow

Both sample collection and preparation are very similar to the workflow of culture-based methods.

The person conducting the test simply needs to deposit a collected sample on a RedCap placed in the instrument and launch the analysis. The rest of the workflow is fully automated. Especially the staining phase of micro-organisms does NOT require any additionnal step or painful handling since the reagent is automatically transfered to the sample.

Thus, validation is streamlined thanks to a simple and ergonomic instrument which ensures both staining and detection of single isolated microorganisms.

Red Caps: Single-use consumable enabling to detect single cells on polyester (PET) membraned. Nominal volume is 1 mL. Red One™ can filter volumes from 10 µL to 100 mL according to specific protocols.

Red One™ TVC Staining Dye
Capacity of 50 tests. Reagent
is based on a sensitive esterase fluorophore. Cellular esterases present in a viable cell hydrolyze the dye turning it into a fluorescent compound.

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* permeabilized and metabollicaly active cells